About Lori - Owner/Lead Planner

I have been event planning and bridal consulting for close to 20 years and I do it because I truly love it. I chose this career because planning events comes so naturally to me that I never feel as if I am working. I think the most important thing I do is listen to my clients. I love to take someone's vision and make it a reality and more. I work hard to make sure every client feels like they're my only client. I love to work with people who I inspire and that can inspire me. Every event is a milestone, a memory, or an opportunity for a client to showcase something important to them. I always ask my clients to give me the one idea that will make their wedding or event different than anybody else’s. I take what I do seriously but make sure my clients have fun in the process and during their event. I have the ability to break down an event into all the little details (so none get missed), and I have an eye for design and am crafty. If I can’t buy it, I will design and make it (or have it made). I am a Certified Meeting Professional, and have certificates from accredited colleges in hospitality, event planning, bridal consulting, and travel and tourism.

My goal for planning your wedding or event is to make it stress-free, fun, unique, and memorable. Let me handle the tasks that create anxiety or stress for you or the tasks that you just don’t have time for. Throughout your wedding festivities – bridal luncheon, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, day of preparations, ceremony, reception, after-party, send-off brunch – you, your fiancé and families should be enjoying the festivities – not worrying about what needs to be done. Let me take care of that!

From a small intimate dinner party for family to large backyard fetes, I can completely custom tailor my services to fit your needs.

I look forward to planning for you!

Your Event Team

When you hire me, you also get the assistance of my husband Will, son Zakery, and best friend and right hand Casey. It’s a family business!

A general contractor with a degree in international business, a certificate in hospitality management, and a coveted internship at the finest hotels in Walt Disney World, he attends onsite visits with me to help determine feasibility of outdoor spaces, electrical and plumbing needs, structural or landscape issues, takes measurements, notes, etc. He also makes custom props, lawn games, custom cake stands or anything else that I can design. Onsite he is my muscle and set-up extraordinaire – moving tables, stringing lights, setting and clearing tables – you name it and he’ll do it. He also has a love of making sure that people are having fun and have everything they need. I couldn’t think of a better partner to have at a wedding!

Zakery  My teen son completed his third wedding season with us this past summer. Not only does he help move tables, string lights, set and clear tables, run for the bartenders and catering staff, he’s fallen in love with the “power of the clipboard”, directing guests and answering questions like a pro.

Casey  A decorating queen! Casey assists with all aspects of set-up, décor installation, and clean-up. She has an eye for design and can take the vision for your wedding day and make it a reality. Casey has just completed her second wedding season with us.

Other Team Members  I have a network of professionals to call upon should I need additional assistance for events. Staff may include parking and restroom attendants, wait-staff, bartenders, set-up and decorating staff, dishwashers, cleaners, electricians, etc. If your event needs it, I can staff it!